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Simply purchasing a violin online can be daunting and much more expensive than necessary. One of the great things about starting on a stringed instrument is that the instruments come in different sizes for different aged and sized students. (There are no 1/2 size flutes or clarinets, etc.). An online vendor will have trouble making this size determination.  Also, violins are offered by some vendors in left-handed models.  DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE.  These violins are often sold as a gimmick to appeal to left handed players.  The violin requires that both hands have a job to do, and both jobs are equally important and difficult.  There is no advantage to switching one job to the other hand. Also, these violins do not work in the group setting in which we work.  Also fine violinists all play right-handed instruments.  Starting with a left-handed instrument will SLOW a student's progress.


For your convenience, we have partnered with IE Music of Corona, a small family-owned local music store who are dedicated to helping meet the unique needs of string students and their families.  This is a great convenience for our families.  Many parents chose to arrange their purchases/rentals, etc. in advance to ensure that they are available on the first day of classes.  We strongly encourage this.  In order to do so, contact IE Music at (951) 479-1261. IE Music will help you correct the correct instrument, will help you size it, and are very reasonably-priced.


IE Music has been very gracious with their time and resources in helping the Corona Symphony Conservatory, and we encourage you to utilize their services whenever possible.

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